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Friday, 14 April 2017

English Language Questions | NIACL Assistant 2017 | 14.04.2017

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English Language Questions | NIACL Assistant 2017 | 10.04.2017

Directions (1-10) Each questions has 5 parts labeled (1), (2), (3) ,(4) and (5). Read each sentence to find out which on can be filled and indicate your answer in the answer sheet against the corresponding letter i.e., (1) or (2) or (3) or (4) or (5). 

Q.1- Five Indian and three Pakistani soldiers were _______in a shooting between August 30 and September 1, 2011 _______the Line of Control in Kupwara district.

(1) invited, on (2) attacked, in (3) propagate, upon (4) killed, across (5) murder, into


Q.2- RBI’s new governor and its first-ever Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) _______credit for effecting a 25 basis point cut _______the latter’s benchmark repo or overnight lending rate to 6.25 per cent.

(1) asks, trial 

(2) give, upto 

(3) develop, after

(4) demand, against 

(5) deserve, in


Q.3- The _______was taken after a series of reports from _______agencies and credible inputs providing sufficient ground for the decision taken.

(1) decision, various 

(2) cupidity, some 

(3) improvement, every

(4) conjecture, all 

(5) action, different


Q.4- The Indian military action _______the Line of Control was waiting to _______for many years now.

(1) behind, defalcate 

(2) across, happen 

(3) amid, apply

(4) of, control 

(5) against, carnage


Q.5- Lands were _________exploited for production, left fallow to recover, left unoccupied to _________buffers against the cycles of excesses of nature.

(1) exponentially, bolster 

(2) multiply, plan 

(3) strategically, provide

(4) significantly, besmirch 

(5) regularly, supply


6- A day after cyclone Vardah _________Chennai, Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram district killing as _________as 16 people and uprooting over 10000 trees and several hundreds of electricity poles.

(1) destroyed, much

(2) cleaned, all

(3) devastated, many

(4) flourished, better

(5) created, enough


7- As the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is ordinarily engaged for _______and rescue operations, the State government has secured special _________from the Union Home Ministry.

(1) supporting, hint

(2) manage, condition

(3) enjoy, force

(4) relief, permission

(5) hunting, team


8- Patriotism is a value that most people _________without being required to demonstrate it in __________ways.

(1) cherish, visible

(2) want, any

(3) offer, creative

(4) believe, final

(5) think, major


9- Opposition parties have questioned the move, which comes days after the government’s assertion that _________of high-value currency notes did not impact the sowing of the rabi crop, with a greater area being cultivated ____________to the same time a year ago.

(1) ejection, better

(2) demonetise, according

(3) decision, finance

(4) demonetisation, compared

(5) fact, menace


10- The Reserve Bank of India has _________markets by opting to keep benchmark interest rates unchanged and cutting the outlook for full-year growth in the wake of last month’s decision to _____________legal tender status to high denomination currency notes.

(1) announce, find

(2) surprised, withdraw

(3) calculated, get

(4) managed, apply

(5) ordered, use


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