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    Sunday, 8 January 2017

    Vocabulary Words – 08.01.2017

    Vocabulary Words – 08.01.2017
    1. IMPASSE (NOUN): Dead lock

    Synonyms: stalemate, gridlock 

    Antonyms: solution, boon

    Example Sentence: 

    At present there is an impasse in the talks between India and Pakistan.

    2. IGNOBLE (ADJECTIVE): Lowly 

    Synonyms: abject, unworthy Antonyms: dignified, grand

    Example Sentence: 

    Rahman’s ignoble motives were exposed by his wicked actions.

    3. IMBROGLIO (NOUN): Complicated situation

    Synonyms: brouhaha, entanglement Antonyms: simplicity, harmony

    Example Sentence: 

    Why are you involving in this imbroglio?

    4. IMBUE (VERB): Fill with

    Synonyms: infuse, saturate Antonyms: take out, drain

    Example Sentence: 

    It is a pity that our political leaders are not imbued with the spirit of nationalism.

    5. INEPT (ADJECTIVE): Incompetent

    Synonyms: clumsy, unskilled Antonyms: able, dexterous

    Example Sentence:

    Inept handling of the foreign policy by the Congress party has created many complicated situations for the country.

    6. INSULAR (ADJECTIVE): Narrow minded 

    Synonyms: parochial, bigoted Antonyms: board-minded, unbiased

    Example Sentence: 

    Fanatics have insular views about men and matter.

    7. IMPERVIOUS (ADJECTIVE): Unaffected 

    Synonyms: unmoved, immune Antonyms: affected, moved

    Example Sentence: 

    He never listens to his parents and is always impervious to their advice.

    8. INSCRUTABLE (ADJECTIVE): Incomprehensible

    Synonyms: hidden, mysterious Antonyms: plain, obvious

    Example Sentence: 

    The laws of nature are inscrutable.

    9. INAPT (ADJECTIVE): Unsuitable

    Synonyms: incompetent, unfit Antonyms: competent, suitable

    Example Sentence: 

    The remarks she made at the party annoyed many because they were inapt.

    10. IMBIBE (VERB): To receive and absorb into the mind

    Synonyms: absorb, ingest Antonyms: abstain, fast

    Example Sentence:

    Every Indian must imbibe the spirit of nationalism.
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