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    Saturday, 7 January 2017

    Vocabulary Words – 07.01.2017

     Vocabulary Words – 07.01.2017
    1.CANDID (ADJECTIVE): Honest

    Synonyms: forthright, impartial 

    Antonyms: biased, dishonest

    Example Sentence: 

    Rahman always has a candid behaviour towards fools.

    2. CURSORY (ADJECTIVE): Casual 

    Synonyms: hasty, desultory Antonyms: careful, detailed

    Example Sentence: 

    He gave the letter a fairly cursory reading. 

    3. CYNOSURE (NOUN): dignitary

    Synonyms: figure, hero Antonyms: commoner, nobody

    Example Sentence: 

    Puneet always tries to be a cynosure.

    4. COGITATE (VERB): think deeply about

    Synonyms: brainstorm, cerebrate Antonyms: discard, dismiss

    Example Sentence: 

    Rahman should cogitate about his future.

    5. CARPING (ADJECTIVE): complaining

    Synonyms: criticizing, caviling Antonyms: forgiving, complimentary

    Example Sentence:

    Rahman is always carping about the problems in his life.

    6. CALUMNY (NOUN): slander 

    Synonyms: defame, vilify Antonyms: agreeable, good-natured

    Example Sentence: 

    Calumny is a curse and should not be put upon anyone.

    7. CHERUBIC (ADJECTIVE): Angelic 

    Synonyms: adorable, cute Antonyms: satanic, ugly

    Example Sentence: 

    Rahman has a cherubic smile.

    8. CULINARY (ADJECTIVE): eatable

    Synonyms: fit, dietary Antonyms: distasteful, harmful

    Example Sentence: 

    The weeding has lots of culinary dishes.

    9. ASSAY (VERB): analyze

    Synonyms: anatomize, check Antonyms: ignore, neglect

    Example Sentence: 

    We have to assay the project before implementation.

    10. ATTRITION (NOUN): Erosion

    Synonyms: abrasion, attenuation Antonyms: building, happiness

    Example Sentence:

    The soil of the shore shows no trace of attrition.
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