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    Friday, 30 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 30.12.2016

     Vocabulary Words - 30.12.2016
    1. DISORIENT (VERB): Baffle

    Synonyms: puzzle, bewilder 

    Antonyms: orient, balance

    Example Sentence:

    Luisa is disoriented about Leo’s question.

    2. STIRRING (ADJECTIVE): Rousing

    Synonyms: stimulating, inspiring Antonyms: boring, monotonous

    Example Sentence:

    His act was stirring.

    3. NARCOTIZE (VERB): Anesthetize

    Synonyms: deaden, desensitize Antonyms: enliven, revitalize

    Example Sentence:

    He prescribed a medicine that does not heal but merely narcotizes.

    4. GENUFLECT (VERB): Kowtow

    Synonyms: bow, kneel Antonyms: disrespect, disregard

    Example Sentence:

    I just genuflect before almighty.

    5. GOOF (NOUN): Err 

    Synonyms: mistake, flub Antonyms: correct, fix

    Example Sentence:

    He admitted his goof . 

    6. GLOAT (VERB): Exclaim triumph

    Synonyms: relish, crow Antonyms: be sad, commiserate

    Example Sentence:

    I gloated over my victory. 

    7. STICKLER (NOUN): Perfectionist

    Synonyms: disciplinarian, pedant Antonyms: beginner, trainee

    Example Sentence:

    Aamir is a stickler .

    8. STARTLE (VERB): Astonish

    Synonyms: astound, surprise Antonyms: calm, compose

    Example Sentence:

    Marlene was startled over his performance. 

    9. STEELY (ADJECTIVE): Brutal

    Synonyms: callous, barbarous Antonyms: compassionate, gentle

    Example Sentence:

    Nele gave her a steely look. 

    10. UNSWAYABLE (ADJECTIVE): Unyielding

    Synonyms: insistent, intransigent Antonyms: flexible, irresolute

    Example Sentence:

    Alisa is an unswayable colleague.

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