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    Saturday, 17 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 17.12.2016

    Vocabulary Words - 17.12.2016
    1. INEDIBLE (ADJECTIVE): Unpalatable

    Synonyms: uneatable, bad 

    Antonyms: appetizing, delicious

    Example Sentence: 

    Apparently James found the rest of the creature inedible.

    2. DOCILE (ADJECTIVE): Compliant

    Synonyms: submissive, obedient Antonyms: stubborn, obstinate

    Example Sentence:

    Kavita is as docile as cow. 

    3. PROGNOSIS (NOUN): Forecast

    Synonyms: prediction, projection Antonyms: calculation, measurement

    Example Sentence:

    Jennifer’s prognosis is not good..

    4. EMACIATED (NOUN): Undernourished

    Synonyms: anorexic, scrawny Antonyms: chubby, plump

    Example Sentence:

    It lessened the smoldering pain inside him.


    Synonyms: inherent, lurking Antonyms: open, public

    Example Sentence:

    Rachel’s smoldering gaze finally shifted to Leonardo.

    6. AMICABLE (ADJECTIVE): Amiable

    Synonyms: cordial, courteous Antonyms: impolite, uncivil

    Example Sentence: 

    Mathew’s amicable personality allows him to be friends with everyone.

    7. EROTIC (ADJECTIVE): Amorous

    Synonyms: carnal, lewd Antonyms: decent, moral

    Example Sentence: 

    He exiled Raman for his erotic writing.

    8. SADISTIC (ADJECTIVE): Perverted

    Synonyms: barbarous, perverse Antonyms: gentle, kind

    Example Sentence:

    Ariana gazed into his sadistic eyes. 

    9. SPORADIC (ADJECTIVE): Desultory

    Synonyms: infrequent, intermittent Antonyms: regular, frequent

    Example Sentence:

    Len lifted his gun and shot a sporadic round of bullets.

    10. ENIGMATIC (ADJECTIVE): Mysterious

    Synonyms: ambiguous, cryptic Antonyms: explicit, clear

    Example Sentence:

    There is nothing enigmatic in what Paul said.

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