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    Wednesday, 14 December 2016

    Vocabulary Words - 14.12.2016

    Vocabulary Words - 14.12.2016
    1. ACME (NOUN): Pinnacle

    Synonyms: apogee, capstone 

    Antonyms: nadir, bottom

    Example Sentence: 

    At her acme, Divya was making over 2 million dollars a year.

    2. TART (ADJECTIVE): Acetic

    Synonyms: bitter, acerbic Antonyms: mild, sweet

    Example Sentence:

    She has a tart tongue. 

    3. TRACEABLE (ADJECTIVE): Deducible

    Synonyms: determinable, attributable Antonyms: inconcludable, underivable

    Example Sentence:

    The root of your escape plan is very much traceable.

    4. DAUNTING (ADJECTIVE): Terrifying

    Synonyms: redoubtable, dreadful Antonyms: harmless, unthreatening

    Example Sentence:

    It is a daunting thought.

    4. PROPOUND (VERB): Proffer 

    Synonyms: offer, advance Antonyms: stifle, suppress

    Example Sentence:

    You are going to do this task exactly the way I propound.

    6. UNRAVEL (VERB): Unfold

    Synonyms: decipher, resolve Antonyms: entangle, twist

    Example Sentence: 

    It would unravel Manisha’s life.


    Synonyms: ironical, mocking Antonyms: kind, nice

    Example Sentence: 

    Because I used too much lemon juice in the drink which made the drink acidulous.

    8. ACQUIESCE (VERB): Accede

    Synonyms: comply, concur Antonyms: deny, refuse

    Example Sentence:

    I would rather acquiesce to Shakira’s demands than listen to her constantly screaming. 

    9. FEBRILE (ADJECTIVE): Feverish

    Synonyms: delirious, fiery Antonyms: frigid, freezing

    Example Sentence:

    Radhika’s febrile condition caused her to experience chills and hot flashes.

    10. ACRID (ADJECTIVE): Pungent

    Synonyms: stinging, amaroidal Antonyms: complimentary, delicious

    Example Sentence:

    The acrid smell of cigarette ashes brought tears to passive smokers’ eyes .
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