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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Vocabulary Words - 02.11.2016

Mahendra Guru
Vocabulary Words - 02.11.2016

Synonyms: tormenting, vexing 

Antonyms: pleasing, soothing

Example Sentence:

The provoking words of the boss made him resign.

2. EXPEDIENT (ADJECTIVE): appropriate

Synonyms: feasible, practicable Antonyms: unfeasible, unseemly

Example Sentence:

We gave them an expedient solution to their problems.


Synonyms: disintegrating, collapsing Antonyms: healing, restorative

Example Sentence: 

The crumbling building got destroyed in minutes.

4. RENDERED (ADJECTIVE): performed 

Synonyms: concluded, accomplished Antonyms: incomplete, unfinished 

Example Sentence:

They rendered a brilliant act of the play.

5. BOLSTER (VERB): help

Synonyms: reinforce, sustain Antonyms: halt, neglect

Example Sentence:

His actions bolstered our actions.

6. REPEL (VERB): push away

Synonyms: ward off, fend off Antonyms: approve, aid 

Example Sentence: 

He repelled the enemies away.

7. INSURGENT (ADJECTIVE): rebellious

Synonyms: revolutionary, anarchical Antonyms: obedient, subordinate

Example Sentence:

The insurgent activists were killed.


Synonyms: bigoted, hidebound Antonyms: broad-minded, liberal 

Example Sentence:

The provincial views must be changed.

9. RETALIATE (VERB): get even with someone

Synonyms: reciprocate, retrospect Antonyms: pardon, forgive

Example Sentence:

The enemy didn’t retaliate at the same time.

10. PROFOUND (ADJECTIVE): thoughtful

Synonyms: philosophical, thorough Antonyms: superficial, unintelligent

Example Sentence:

He took profound steps.

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