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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Vocabulary Words - 01.11.2016

Mahendra Guru
 Vocabulary Words - 01.11.2016
1. ROBUST (ADJECTIVE): healthy 

Synonyms: booming, sturdy 

Antonyms: impotent, wobbly

Example Sentence:

The robust players played very nice.

2. COHERENCE (NOUN): agreement

Synonyms: solidarity, congruity Antonyms: discord, incoherence

Example Sentence:

Their coherence was like an example for everyone.

3. CIPHER (VERB): figure out code

Synonyms: decipher, compute Antonyms: baffle, encode

Example Sentence: 

He ciphered all the puzzles.


Synonyms: crucial, vital Antonyms: auxiliary, trivial

Example Sentence:

The indispensable items must be provided immediately.


Synonyms: typical, accustomed Antonyms: irregular, unusual

Example Sentence:

The conventional things must be provided every time.

6. ANACHRONISTIC (ADJECTIVE): no longer in use

Synonyms: antiquated, archaic Antonyms: in vogue, contemporary 

Example Sentence: 

The anachronistic car was not in use anymore.

7. PREMATURE (ADJECTIVE): earlier in occurrence than anticipated

Synonyms: immature, untimely Antonyms: backward, overdue

Example Sentence:

The premature kids were sent to an NGO.

8. ASSORTMENT (NOUN): variety

Synonyms: jumble, mishmash Antonyms: monotonous, unmixed 

Example Sentence:

The assortment of apparel at the store was amazing.

9. VIGOR (NOUN): power

Synonyms: agility, dynamism Antonyms: apathy, clumsiness

Example Sentence:

There is a lot of vigor in prayers.

10. UNDERMINE (VERB): weaken

Synonyms: cripple, erode Antonyms: assist, fix

Example Sentence:

He undermined the cause of our efforts.

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