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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Vocabulary Words - 14.09.2016

Mahendra Guru
Vocabulary Words - 14.09.2016
1. SINCERELY (ADVERB): seriously 

Synonyms: earnestly, profoundly

Antonyms: untruthfully, dishonestly 

Example Sentence:

He did his job sincerely.

2. CONDONE (VERB): overlook one’s mistake

Synonyms: pardon, remit Antonyms: condemn, veto 

Example Sentence:

He condoned his children’s acts of mischief.

3. BRISK (ADJECTIVE): active 

Synonyms: lively, vigorous Antonyms: lethargic, sluggish

Example Sentence:

The brisk reaction of the army helped avert the accident.

4. CERTITUDE (NOUN): sureness 

Synonyms: conviction, assuredness Antonyms: uncertainty, distrust

Example Sentence:

The certitude of his appointment is a result of his qualifications.

5. PUZZLE (VERB): confuse

Synonyms: befuddle, complicate Antonyms: explicate, facilitate

Example Sentence:

The quiz puzzled them. 

6. DILATE (VERB): widen

Synonyms: expound, augment Antonyms: curtail, deflate

Example Sentence: 

The pupil of an eye dilates during fear.


Synonyms: impending, inexorable Antonyms: fortuitous, escapable

Example Sentence:

Death is an inevitable event.

8. CONTRACT (VERB): shrink

Synonyms: clench, abate Antonyms: extend, prolong

Example Sentence:

The area of the tigers has contracted over the years.

9. PROMULGATE (VERB): make known

Synonyms: notify, annunciate Antonyms: conceal, repress 

Example Sentence:

Good things must be promulgated.

10. DISSEMINATE (VERB): distribute

Synonyms: propagate, annunciate Antonyms: collect, gather

Example Sentence:

The clothes were disseminated among the poor..

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