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Monday, 4 July 2016

Vocabulary - 04.07.2016

Mahendra Guru
1. CODDLE (VERB): caress

Synonyms: pamper, cosset 

Antonyms: ignore, neglect

Example Sentence: 

The new mother coddled her firstborn.

2. CLANGOR (NOUN): loud noise

Synonyms: commotion, hullabaloo Antonyms: quiet, silence

Example Sentence: 

The guy’s attempt at playing drum sets was nothing more than a clangor.


Synonyms: capacious, ample Antonym: confined, cramped

Example Sentence: 

I have rented an inexpensive commodious apartment in a posh locality.


Synonyms: satisfied, conceited Antonyms: discontented, unsatisfied

Example Sentence:

The family was complacent with the room service during their stay in the hotel. 

5. CONGEAL (VERB): coagulate 

Synonyms: curdle, thicken Antonyms: soften, liquefy

Example Sentence: 

The gelatin was refrigerated to congeal before serving the dessert.

6. DECIDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): not around for long

Synonyms: temporary, fleeting Antonym: permanent, long-lived

Example Sentence:

The baby’s deciduous teeth started to fall out when he turned eight.

7. DEROGATE (VERB): insult

Synonyms: slander, defame Antonyms: laud, flatter

Example Sentence: 

The participant did not mean to derogate his opponent in the discussion


Synonyms: needy, penniless Antonyms: wealthy, rich

Example Sentence:

Due to the recession many are now unemployed and destitute.

9. DETRITUS (NOUN): debris

Synonyms: rubble, remains Antonyms: core, whole

Example sentence: 

The detritus on the ground was once a mighty superstructure.

10. DIDACTIC (ADJECTIVE): educational

Synonyms: academic, instructive Antonyms: uninformative, useless

Example Sentence: 

Although his new book is a work of fiction yet it is didactic.

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