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Vocabulary Words - 31.12.2016

Mahendra Guru
Vocabulary Words -  31.12.2016

Synonyms: faithful, dedicated 

Antonyms: disloyal, unreliable

Example Sentence: 

Laura was steadfast in her opinions.


Synonyms: brusque, abrupt Antonyms: polite, gracious

Example Sentence: 

When Frieda is angry she only gives terse responses.

3. MORDANT (ADJECTIVE): sarcastic

Synonyms: rancorous, bitter Antonyms: kind, nice

Example Sentence: 

He describes the situation with mordant wit.

4. APPEASE (VERB): pacify

Synonyms: soothe, satisfy Antonyms: aggravate, irritate

Example Sentence: 

Every political party tries to appease the minorities to create its own vote bank.

5. AMELIORATE (VERB): improve

Synonyms: alleviate, help Antonyms: aggravate, injure

Example Sentence:

Unless we ameliorate the condition of the working class, we cannot expect the prosperity of the country.


Synonyms: cantankerous, contentious Antonyms: agreeable, good-natured

Example Sentence: 

Marcose is gladiatorial by nature.

7. OUTLAY (NOUN): Expenses 

Synonyms: disbursement, expenditure Antonyms: savings, income

Example Sentence: 

Our net outlay is just Rs.35,000.

8. DISCOURSE (NOUN): Conversation

Synonyms: communication, discussion Antonyms: silence, quite

Example Sentence: 

He responds with a lengthy discourse on deployment strategy.

9. RUT (NOUN): Routine of daily life

Synonyms: course, habit Antonyms: disorder, disorganisation

Example Sentence: 

Julia has been in a rut after a long time.

10. PELL-MELL (ADJECTIVE): Disordered

Synonyms: chaotic, disarrayed Antonyms: ordered, organized

Example Sentence:

His improper steps landed him in pell-mell situation.

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