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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Mahendras December To Remember Sale !

Mahendra Guru

Dear Readers,

We at Mahendras always believe that It's our DUTY to provide you a RIGHT package for success. So, we are again back with an Exciting Offer- 'Mahendras December To Remember Sale' for all of you. We aim that no one is left behind just because of the heavy prices of speed tests for competitive exams, so we bring different offers for you all from time to time to provide you best material at affordable prices.

So, get ready for this sale & get everything that you need for your success in competitive exams. Visit to avail the offer.

So Hurry Up!!

All About the offer-

Offer Date and Time- The offer will start from 10.00 am on 9th December 2019 and will be active till 10.00 am on 11th December 2019 . 

Following are the discounts on different cards under the offer-

1. BANK- ALL IN ONE ST (1 Year) - Original Price: Rs.3000

Offer Price: Rs.750 only

2. BANK- ALL IN ONE ST (2 Years) - Original Price: Rs.5000

Offer Price: Rs.1250 only


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