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Saturday, 14 September 2019

English Language Quiz For IBPS PO/Clerk | 14- 09 - 19

Mahendra Guru
English Language Quiz For IBPS PO/Clerk | 14- 09 - 19
Dear Readers,

As IBPS has released the much-awaited vacancies for the post of Probationary Officers & Clerk, we have launched subject-wise quizzes for the exam. It will include quizzes of all the subjects- Quantitative Aptitude, English, Reasoning and Computer. All these quizzes will be strictly based on the latest pattern of IBPS exam and will be beneficial for your preparations. So, keep following the quizzes which will provide you a set of 10 questions daily.
Here, we are providing you important questions of English Language for IBPS PO/CLERK  2019 exam.

Directions (1-5): In the question given below a sentence with four words printed in bold type is given. These are numbered (1), (2), (3) and (4). One of these four words given in bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find them or if all the words given in bold are correctly spelt & also appropriate in the context of the sentence, mark (5) "All correct" as your answer. 

Q.1 In a first of its kind move to prevent candidates from leaking questions from the examination hall, the examining body has decided to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to trek calls and emails made from and to the exam centres. 

(1) prevent 

(2) leaking 

(3) examining 

(4) trek 

(5) All correct 

Q.2 ‘Fly kites, but let the birds fly too’ is the message that representatives of various welfare organizations in the city are trying to spread in order to save lives of thousands of birds that fall pree to the annual kite-flying ritual during Sankranti. 

(1) representatives 

(2) thousands 

(3) pree 

(4) kite-flying 

(5) All correct 

Q.3 The state electricity board announced the list of winners in the power conservation drive it launched last year as part of increasing public awareness on need for prudence use of electricity. 

(1) announced 

(2) conservation 

(3) launched 

(4) prudence 

(5) All correct 

Q.4 The rescue tube, a long piece of vinyl-coated foam pad procured by the tourism department which is meant for saving people, was not coated properly and sank in water instead of floating. 

(1) rescue 

(2) procured 

(3) meant 

(4) sank 

(5) All correct 

Q.5 Adding technology based resources, sophisticated devices, installing ambitious traffic management infrastructure projects are some ways through which the traffic situation can be improved, provided the state is willing to implementation them. 

(1) sophisticated 

(2) installing 

(3) infrastructure 

(4) implementation 

(5) All correct 

Directions (6-10): Rearrange the following sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (F) and (G) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions given below them. 

A. The next generation might never see some of the bird species if we keep on ignoring the problems. 

B. Despite being vital for the ecosystem a large number of birds are falling prey to poaching, chemical poisoning and preventable accidental deaths. 

C. About the birds which are almost on the verge of extinction and even the reasons for their extinction. 

D. National Bird Day is observed every year on January 5 and adherents celebrate by organizing bird-related activities. 

E. Many species of parrots and songbirds are on the verge of extinction due to illegal pet trade, disease and habitat loss due to urbanization. 

F. This year, the day would be observed by including events to attract students and make them aware 

G. Bird lovers say lack of awareness that even an individual can do something to prevent bird deaths is adding to the problem. 

Q.6 Which of the following would be the FIFTH sentence after rearrangement? 

(1) E 

(2) D 

(3) B 

(4) C 

(5) A 

Q.7 Which of the following would be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement? 

(1) F 

(2) C 

(3) E 

(4) A 

(5) G 

Q.8 Which of the following would be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement? 

(1) B 

(2) D 

(3) E 

(4) A 

(5) C 

Q.9 Which of the following would be the LAST sentence after rearrangement? 

(1) F 

(2) G 

(3) E 

(4) C 

(5) B 

Q.10 Which of the following would be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement? 

(1) B 

(2) D 

(3) A 

(4) C 

(5) G 


Q.1 (4). Track should be written in place of 'trek'. 

Q.2 (3). ‘Prey’ is the correct spelling. 

Q.3 (4). ‘Prudent’ will be the correct word. 

Q.4 (5). 

Q.5 (4). ‘Implement’ should be used- After ‘to’ first form of the verb is to be used without ‘s’ or ‘es’. 

Q.6 (2) 

Q.7 (5) 

Q.8 (4) 

Q.9 (3) 

Q.10 (1). The correct rearrangement is BGEADFC. The paragraph discusses the significance of National Bird Day and raises concern for preservation of bird species which are near extinction.

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