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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

#Support India (Win World Cup)

Mahendra Guru
Dear Readers,

As you all know, World Cup has started in England & Wales, Mahendras is supporting team India and wishes that we emerge as Champions in the game.

Like Team India, we also want our students to emerge as champions and attain their World Cup i.e. success in Competitive Exams. So, we are here with an offer that will act as an ultimate gamechanger for you all. You will get huge discounts on various speed test cards, Video Guru Packages under this offer. The offer will be available on our website

All about the Offer

Offer Date and Timings- The offer will start at 10.00 am on 13th June 2019 and will be active till 11.59 pm on 14th June 2019.

Following are the various offers under the sale-

⇒ All Speed Test Cards with 6 months Validity at just Rs99.

⇒ All Speed Test Cards with 12 months Validity at just Rs 199.

⇒ All-in-One 1 year Speed Test card at Rs 399.

⇒ All-in-One 2 year Speed Test card at Rs 499.

⇒ Video Guru Subject-wise cards at Rs 399.

⇒ Video Guru Combo cards at Rs 499.

⇒ Video Guru All-in-One card at Rs 999.

For more details, call on our toll free number- 1800 103 5225.

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