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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Mahendras Diwali Dhamaka Offer- Last Few Hours Left!!

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Dear Readers,

Mahendras is again back with Massive Discounts On Speed Test Cards on the divine & auspicious occasion of Diwali. Now this is the last day of the offer and only last few hours are left, so if you have not availed the offer yet, hurry up.

Offer Details

Offer Validity : 5th November 2018 to 10th November 2018⏰

This offer is brought to help you in preparing for your upcoming competitive exams and to ensure your selection.

You can avail this offer on

Under the offer, you will get discounts on more than 33 speed test cards. 

Some of the speed test cards under the card-

1. Unlimited Speed Test Card (1 year) - Original Price: Rs.9999, Offer Price: Rs.699 only

2. Unlimited Speed Test Card (2 year) - Original Price: Rs.14999, Offer Price: Rs.999 only 

3. All In One Speed Test Card (1 year) - Original Price: Rs.3500, Offer Price: Rs. 499 only 

4. All In One Speed Test Card (2 year) - Original Price: Rs.5000, Offer Price: Rs. 549 only 

5. IBPS Mega Combo PO & Clerk - Original Price: Rs.5000, Offer Price: Rs.399 only 

6. IBPS Clerk Combo Pre+Mains - Original Price: Rs.2200, Offer Price: Rs.199 only 

7. IBPS Clerk Pre - Original Price: Rs.1000, Offer Price: Rs.49 only 

8. IBPS Clerk Mains - Original Price: Rs.1200, Offer Price: Rs.149 only

9. IBPS PO Pre - Original Price: Rs.1200, Offer Price: Rs.99 only 

10. IBPS PO Mains - Original Price: Rs.1500, Offer Price: Rs.199 only 

11. IBPS PO Combo Pre+Mains - Original Price: Rs.2700, Offer Price: Rs.299 only 

12. Topic Box Speed Test Card - Original Price: Rs.3000, Offer Price: Rs.399 only 

13. CCC - Original Price: Rs.400, Offer Price: Rs.49 only 

14. All Types Data Interpretation - Original Price: Rs.1000, Offer Price: Rs.99 only 

15. Toughest Puzzle - Original Price: Rs.1000, Offer Price: Rs.99 only 

16. General Awareness MCQ - Original Price: Rs.1000, Offer Price: Rs.99 only

17. High Level Reading Comprehension - Original Price: Rs.1000, Offer Price: Rs.99 only 

For details of other speed test cards, visit

For any query, call on our toll free number- 1800 103 5225.

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