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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Computer Questions For IBPS RRB Clerk/PO - 16-09-18

Mahendra Guru
Computer Questions For IBPS RRB Clerk/PO - 16-09-18
Dear Readers,

As IBPS has released the official notification of the Common Recruitment Process for RRBs (CRP RRBs VII) for recruitment of Group “A”-Officers (Scale-I, II And III) and Group “B”-Office Assistant (Multipurpose) and the exam is going to be held in the month of August 2018 and September 2018 for both the posts. Looking at the notification, we have now started subject-wise quizzes for the exam. It will include quizzes of all the subjects- Quantitative Aptitude, English, Reasoning and Computer. All these quizzes will be strictly based on the latest pattern of the IBPS RRB exam and will be beneficial for your preparations. So, keep following the quizzes which will provide you a set of 10 questions daily. 

Here, we are providing you important questions of Computer for IBPS RRB 2018 exam.

Q.1 To delete an incorrect character in a document, _____ to erase to the right of the insertion point. 

(1) press the left mouse key 

(2) double-click the right mouse key 

(3) press the BACKSPACE key 

(4) press the delete key 

(5) None of these 

Q.2 A high-speed transmission line that carries WAN traffic is called a: 

(1) POP 

(2) X.25 line 

(3) P2PN 

(4) Backbone 

(5) None of these 

Q.3 The operating system allows users to organize the computer’s contents in a hierarchical structure of directories that include all of the following EXCEPT: 

(1) files 

(2) folders 

(3) drives 

(4) systems 

(5) None of these 

Q.4 In Windows XP, if you want to see the file size and modified dates of all files in a folder, the best viewing option is the __________ view. 

(1) List 

(2) Thumbnails 

(3) Details 

(4) Icon 

(5) None of these 

Q.5 A digital signature is used to: 

(1) send the private key needed for decryption. 

(2) validate the identity of the sender. 

(3) scan a transmission for attached viruses. 

(4) verify that a transmission is authentic and has not been altered. 

(5) None of these 

Q.6 Which of the following is standard computer Port? 

(1) USB Port 

(2) Network Port 

(3) Serial Port 

(4) All 

(5) None of these 

Q.7 In comparison with static RAM memory, the dynamic RAM memory has --------. 

(1) Lower bit density and higher power consumption 

(2) Higher bit density and higher power consumption 

(3) Lower bit density and lower power consumption 

(4) Higher the bit density and Lower power consumption 

(5) None of these 

Q.8 What type of magnetic material is normally used in bubble memories? 

(1) Magnetic core 

(2) Cobalt 

(3) Garnet 

(4) Metallic 

(5) Copper 

Q.9 Which memory system is not as a mass memory medium? 

(1) Flash Memory 

(2) Magnetic tape 

(3) Magnetic disk 

(4) Magnetic drum 

(5) Semiconductor memory 

Q.10 The bus speed is directly tied into the ____. 

(1) Control Unit 

(2) CPU Speed 

(3) Clock Speed 

(4) Both 1 & 3 

(5) None of these 


Q.1 (4) 

Q.2 (4) 

Q.3 (4) 

Q.4 (3) 

Q.5 (4) 

Q.6 (4) 

All are standard computer port. 

सभी विकल्प स्टैण्डर्ड कम्प्यूटर पोर्ट है। 

Q.7 (4) 

Dynamic memory has higher the bit density and lower power consumption. 

डायनेमिक मेमोरी के पास ज्यादा बिट डेन्सिटी और बिजली खपत कम होती है। 

Q.8 (3) 

Garnet type of magnetic material is normally used in bubble memory. 

बबल मेमोरी में सामान्यतः गार्नेट प्रकार का मैग्नेटिक मेटेरियल प्रयोग होता है। 

Q.9 (5) 

Semiconductor takes up less space. 

सेमीकन्डक्टर कम स्थान लेता है। 

Q.10 (2) 

CPU speed

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