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Thursday, 10 May 2018

What is Normalization in SSC CGL 2018 ???

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What is Normalization in SSC CGL 2018 ???

SSC CGL 2018 Notification has been released & this time SSC has also introduced the Normalization in the selection process, So it is very important for all the aspirants to have an idea about it. That’s why we are here with this topic. The online application process for SSC CGL has started & you can apply till 4th June 2018.

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As we all know that there are lacs of students who are appearing in the exam every year, so it is very common that these exams are conducted in different days & in different shifts nowadays. There are different difficulty levels in different shifts.

Many time it is seen that in some shifts question paper was easy, so students were able to solve more questions as compared to other shifts. Exam Committees should adopt any method by which this disparity could be removed and a justifiable result could be declared. So the process of Normalization is used to eradicate this difference for the fair competition.

This Normalization process includes different formulas and other factors decided by the Exam organizing committee. This Committee derives the formula for calculating the normalized marks for the multi-session papers. For different exam pattern, there is a different formula for normalization of marks.

Let’s take an example to understand this thing by Mean Method:

Here we have taken the example of 4 different candidates appearing in 3 shifts.:

S. No.

Mean of marks of 4 candidates in shift 1= 75

Mean of marks of 4 candidates in shift 2=95

Mean of marks of 4 candidates in shift 3=90

As you can see the difference in the marks of candidates in different shifts. This Difference represents the difficulty level of the question papers. So, we will find the MEAN of the first shift and that will be 75 marks. And we will find the MEAN of the second shift and that is 95 marks. So, the difference in the MEAN of shift-1 and shift-2 is 20. If we add 20 marks to the marks of the first shift candidates, the new normalized marks will be (60+20=80), (75+20=95), (80+20=100), (85+20=105). Which is now equivalent to shift-2 marks. Hence, shift-1 and shift-2 marks are equal now.

In the same way, we can normalize the marks of the second shift and third shift students. In the second shift, MEAN of the marks is 95, and in the third shift the MEAN of the marks will be 90, so the difference in the MEAN marks is 5, if we add 5 to the marks of shift -3 candidates, we get (80+5=85), (85+5=90), (100+5=105), (95+5=100).

Normalization, as used in the Indian context, is a process for ensuring that students are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged by the difficulty of exams.

The difficulty level does vary to a certain extent So the aspirants should focus on preparation for individual papers rather than worrying about the difficulty level & Normalization since it is completely a matter of fat

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