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Friday, 16 February 2018

Unique Surprise Revealed !!

Mahendra Guru
Unique Surprise Revealed !!

Dear Students!!

We are Glad to inform you, that Mahendras has revealed the Unique Surprise.

Become Popular
Mahendras Popular Fan is a Contest in which you have to make a short video on Mahendras explaining how you are Mahendras Popular Fan and has to post the same on “Mahendras Official Group” on Facebook.

For Mahendras Official Facebook Group Link 
Click Here

Participation Guidelines:

1. You must have your Facebook Account.

2. Login To Your Facebook Account.

3. Search "Mahendras Official Group" in Search Box. For Group Link 
Click Here

4. Click on "Join Group". Your request will be received which will be approved within maximum one hour.

5. Further, you'll have to make a video in which you have to explain your experience with Mahendras and how you are Mahendra's Popular Fan.

Click on the below-mentioned link to watch the demo video:

6. After that, post it on Facebook in "Mahendras Official Group". Don’t forget to write #mahendrasfan in the post.

The last date of posting the video is 20th February 2018  11:59 pm. :

Winner will be announced on 21st February 2018 Wednesday at 12 pm.

For more details & in case of any doubt Click Here For FAQ

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