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Friday, 29 September 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 29 - 09 - 17

Mahendra Guru
SSC Quiz | English Language | 23 - 09 - 17


Q.1. A collection of poems

(A) Etymology

(B) Anthology

 (C) Cacology

(D) Defend

ANSWER-(B) Anthology

For Other Options- Etymology- word history, Cacology- misuse

Q.2. Government by the officials
(A) Autocracy

(B) Bureaucracy

(C) Moribund

(D) Deploy

ANSWER-(B) Bureaucracy

For Other Options- Autocracy- government by one, Moribund- death

Q.3. A critical judge of any art and craft
(A) Kleptomania

(B) Juror

(C) Irate

(D) Connoisseur

ANSWER-(D) Connoisseur

For Other Options- Kleptomania- an abnormal desire to steal, Juror- a member of a jury,

Irate- very angry

Q.4. One who is free from all mistakes and failures

(A) Fugitive

(B) Innocent

(C) Infallible

(D) Insipid

ANSWER-(C) Infallible

For Other Options- Insipid- tasteless, Fugitive- fleeing

Q.5. That which cannot be seen through

(A) Invisible

(B) Opaque

(C) Attach

(D) Invincible

ANSWER-(B) Opaque

For Other Option- Invincible- indestructible,

Q.6. Murder of King or Queen

(A) Patricide

(B) Regicide

(C) Fratricide

(D) Sororicide

ANSWER-(B) Regicide

For Other Options- Sororicide- The killing of one's sister,

Fratricide- The killing of one's brother

Q.7. One who walks in sleep

(A) Insouciant

(B) Enjoin

(C) Ebullient

(D) Somnambulist

ANSWER-(D) Somnambulist

For Other Options- Insouciant- without worry, Enjoin- to suggest, Ebullient- energetic

Q.8. A place for clothes

(A) Wardrobe

(B) Indemnity

(C) House

(D) Impugn

ANSWER-(A) Wardrobe

For Other Options- Indemnity- make sure against loss, Impugn- challenged as false

Q.9. Murder of wife

(A) Genocide

(B) Insecticide

(C) Infanticide

(D) Uxoricide

ANSWER-(D) Uxoricide

For Other Options- Infanticide- murder of newly born child, Insecticide- killing of insect

Q.10. A place where government or public records are kept

(A) Bibliophile

(B) Bouquet

(C) Archives

(D) Lapidate

For Other Options- Bibliophile – a lover of books, Lapidate- beat

ANSWER- (C) Archives


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