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Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Revolt of 1857

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Causes of the revolt – was a combination of political, economic, socio-religious and military causes
  •  Result of British Policy
  •  Broke out as Sepoy Mutiny 
  •  Peasants
  •  Bahadur Shah became Face 
  •  Hindu-Muslim unity
 Causes of the revolt

  • Political Cause 
  • Economic Cause
  • Socio-Cultural
  • Military Cause 
  • Immediate Cause
 Political Cause
  • Nana Sahib was refused Pension, as he was the adopted son of Peshwa Baji Rao II
  • Annexation of Avadh in 1856
  • The policy of Doctrine of Lapse
Economic  Cause

  • Discriminatory tariff policy against Indian Products and destruction
  • Heavy taxation leading to poverty and unrest
  • Forcibly Evictions
Socio - Religious

  • British social reforms (abolition of Sati, 1829
  • Legislation of widow remarriage 1856
  • Education for girls
  • Christian missionaries
Military Cause

  • Discrimination of Indian soldiers
  • No equal pay for equal ranks for Indians
  • No chances of promotion
  • Regular Humiliation by English like Nigar, Swine etc.
  • Posting abroad resisted by upper caste Hindus
Immediate Cause

The introduction of Enfield rifles whose cartridges were said to have a greased cover made of beef and pork sparked off the revolt


On march 29, 1857, a soldier named Mangal Pandey attacked and fired at his senior at Barrackpur in Bengal

On may 10 there was a mutiny of sepoys at Meerut ( 3rd native Cavalry)

Q1) The Revolt of 1857 broke out in?

1. 11 May 1857

2. 11 Feb 1857

3. 11 Dec 1857

4. 11 oct 1857

Ans – 1

Q2) Revolt of 1857 was called First War of Independence by 

1) V.D.Savarkar

2) B.K.Dutta 

3) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

4) Dada Bhai Naoroji

Ans – 1

Q3) Sati was prohibited by -

1. Warren Hastings

2. Lord Wellesley

3. Lord William Bentinck

4. Lord Dalhousie

Ans- 3

Q4) To which princely States The 'Doctrine of Lapse' was first applied 

1. Satara

2. Jhansi

3. Oudh

4. Jaunpur 

Ans – 1


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