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Saturday, 10 June 2017

General Awareness Questions | RBI GRADE "B" AND NICL AO 2017 | 10.06.2017

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General Awareness Questions | RBI GRADE "B" AND NICL AO 2017 | 08.06.2017

1. What is the rate of gold fixed by Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council?
a. 3 percent
b. 4 percent
c. 2 percent
d. 1.5 percent

2. Which of the following districts of Andhra Pradesh recently won the MGNREGA National Award?
a. Anantapur
b. Chittoor
c. Nellore
d. Vizianagaram

3. Which country has recently repealed a 334-year-old blasphemy law that forbids public insults of a religion?
a. Norway
b. Sweden
c. Denmark
d. Finland

4. Who of the following won the Thailand Open Grand Prix Gold Men’s Singles title?
a. Srikanth Kidambi
b. B. Sai Praneeth
c. Parupalli Kashyap
d. Chetan Anand

5. Who of the following became the first Indian to be inducted in the Umpires and Referees Committee of the International Table Tennis Federation?
a. Ganeshan Neelakanta Iyer
b. Purav Raja
c. Abhishek Mukherjee
d. None of the above

6. World Environment Day was observed on 5 June 2017 with theme 
a. Prohibit illegal trade of threatened
b. Seven Billion Dreams; One Planet; Consume with Care
c. Small Islands and Climate Change
d. Connecting People to Nature

7. India on 4 June 2017 successfully test-fired indigenous first all weather tracked-chassis Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QR-SAM) from
a. Chandipur, Odisha
b. Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh
c. Ahmadabad, Gujarat 
d. None of the above 

 A 2000-year-old temple was unearthed recently in which country?
a. China 
b. India
c. Malaysia
d. Indonesia

9. Which country is all set to open up combat positions for women, breaking the gender barrier that has been broken by only a few prior to this?
a. India 
b. Pakistan 
c. Russia 
d. Japan

10. The UNSC has passed a resolution expanding sanctions against which country?
a. Syria
b. North Korea
c. Russia
d. Iran 

1. (a) 3 percent
2. (d) Vizianagaram
3. (c) Denmark
4. (b) B. Sai Praneeth
5. (a) Ganeshan Neelakanta Iyer
6. (d) Connecting People to Nature
7. (a) Chandipur, Odisha
8. (a) China
9.(a) India 
10. (b) North Korea

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