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Saturday, 8 April 2017

New Pattern Reasoning Questions | SBI PO 2017 | 08.04.2017

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  New Pattern Reasoning Questions | SBI PO 2017 | 08.04.2017

Directions (Q.1-4) : There are five friends Sachin, Kunal, Mohit, Anuj and Rohan. Sachin ia shorter than Kunal but taller than Rohan. Mohit is tallest. Anuj is a little shorter than Kunal and little taller than Sachin.

1.Who is the shortest?

a) Rohan 

b) Sachin 

c) Anuj 

d) Kunal

e) None

2. If they stand in the order of their heights, who will be in the middle?

a) Kunal 

b) Rohan 

c) Sachin 

d) Anuj

e) None

3. If they stand in the order of increasing heights, who will be the second?

a) Anuj 

b) Sachin 

c) Rohan 

d) Kunal

e) None

4. Who is the second tallest?

a) Sachin 

b) Kunal 

c) Anuj 

d) Rohan

e) None

5. On an election day Santhosh walked from a place, 10 km towards South to reach the polling station, then turned left upto 2 km, then took a right turn, and took another 4 kms walk. Again he turned right and walked for 12 kms and took a 14 km walk by turning to North, and there he could see the polling station at a 12 km distance after taking a right turn. In which direction is the polling station situated?

a.North b.East c.South d.West 
e. None

One evening, two friends Riya and Priya were talking to each other, with their backs towards each other, sitting in a park. If Riya’s shadow was exactly to the left of her, then which direction was Priya facing?

a. North-East
b. north
c. East
d. South
e. None

Two buses start from the opposite points of a main road, 150kms apart. The first bus runs for 25kms and takes a right turn and then runs for 15 kms. It then turns left and runs for another 25 kms and takes the direction back to reach the mai road. In the meantime, due to a minor breakdown, the other bus has run only 35 kms along the main road. What would be the distance between the two buses at this point?

A. 65 kms b. 75 kms c. 80 kms d. 85 kms 
e. None

8. Fifteen boys are standing in a row facing opposite direction alternately from left to right. If the fourth boy from left is facing towards the east then the fifth boy from the right is facing which direction?

a.South b. North-west c. East d. None of these 
e. None

9. Vishwanath was walking on the road early morning after the sunrise and his shadow was failing to his left. Which direction was he facing?

a.East b. North c. West d. Either East or West e. None

10. Pointing to Manju, Raju said, “The son of her only brother is the brother of my wife”. How is Manju related to Raju?

a. Mother’s sister

b. Grandmother

c. Mother-in-law

d. Sister of father-in-law

e. Maternal aunt

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