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Saturday, 8 April 2017

New Pattern English Questions | SBI PO 2017 | 08.04.2017

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  New Pattern English Questions | SBI PO 2017 | 08.04.2017

Directions (1-10): Four sentences are given with a blank in each. Five words are also given. The blank in each sentence can be filled by one or more words. Similarly, each word given in the choices can go into any number of sentences. Identify the number of sentences each word can go into and mark as your answer the maximum number of sentences any word can go into.

Q1. A. My friends tried to cheer me up, as I was in a depressed __________ of mind.
B. All the senior leaders of the party have assembled together to __________ a new election strategy.
C. He wanted to change the __________ of his spectacles.
D. Can you please __________ this picture for me?
(a) build
(b) bend
(c) frame
(d) state
(e) draw

Q2. A. Despite being hardworking he could never __________ success in his career.
B. He is such a spoilsport that he cannot __________ a joke against himself.
C. This toothpaste has the __________ of mint.
D. The __________ of mango is relished by the young and old alike.
(a) taste
(b) flavour
(c) enjoy
(d) experience
(e) small

Q3. A. Akbar was known for his benevolence, people were happy during his __________.
B. Cleopatra has an ambition to __________ the world as a queen of beauty.
C. Better to __________ in hell than to serve in heaven.
D. One should not allow indolence to __________ over oneself.
(a) reign
(b) dominate
(c) rule
(d) tenure
(e) overpower

Q4. A. I do not __________ him as a brilliant performer.
B. The __________ of interest offered by Nationalized banks is very low.
C. At any __________ I shall see that you get over the crisis.
D. He rose from the __________ of a soldier to that of a commissioned officer.
(a) rank
(b) cost
(c) rate
(d) value
(e) see

Q5. A. The __________ accused in the murder, was sentenced to death.
B. __________ time soap operas on the television charge exorbitant rates from advertisers.
C. Abolition of illiteracy should be the __________ concern of every state government.
D. The office of the Vice chancellor is in the __________ building of the University.
(a) mainly
(b) prime
(c) primitive
(d) chief
(e) only

Q6. A. The millionaire has __________ Rs. 10,00,000 for this priceless artifact.
B. In a/an __________ to rescue the child who was caught in fire, she sustained burns.
C. I went to the railway station to __________ goodbye to my friend.
D. I was asked to __________ a price by the auctioneer.
(a) quoted
(b) attempt
(c) bid
(d) say
(e) spend

Q7. A. He __________ many spine-chilling anecdotes to us.
B. The law extends to several __________ groups.
C. This person is not __________ to me in any way, he is a trickster.
D. The two groups are __________ to each other.
(a) allied
(b) connected
(c) related
(d) recounted
(e) narrated

Q8. A. Can you please __________ the bell?
B. The words spoken by him still __________ in my ears.
C. Mahatma Gandhi was the __________ leader of the Non-Cooperation movement.
D. I shall give you a __________ after reaching home.
(a) sound
(b) ring
(c) chief
(d) call
(e) sell

Q9. A. Many students still __________ around the college, even after the classes are over.
B. Every citizen of India should __________ his head in shame at the brutal killings in the name of religion.
C. There is ample space in the wardrobe for you to __________ your clothes.
D. “__________ the perpetrators of the crime!” shouted the angry mob.
(a) execute
(b) loiter
(c) hang
(d) bend
(e) store

Q10. A. This book pertaining to fine arts is beyond a __________ man’s comprehension.
B. I helped mother to __________ the table for breakfast.
C. In her hour of distress she had to __________ her hopes on her relatives to help her.
D. He requested me to __________ some money.
(a) pin
(b) lay
(c) lend
(d) ordinary
(e) common

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