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Sunday, 16 April 2017

New Pattern English Questions | BOB PO 2017 | 16.04.2017

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  New Pattern English Questions | BOB PO 2017 | 16.04.2017

Directions (1-10): Each question gives a sentence with a part of the sentence underlined/Bold that may contain an error. Five alternative substitutes are given for the underlined portion. Identify the choice that replaces the underlined part to form a logical and grammatically correct statement and mark its number as your answer.

Q1. Was the letter written with pencil or with ink?
(a) with pencil or with ink
(b) with a pencil or with an ink
(c) in pencil or in ink
(d) with lead or with pen
(e) with a pencil or with a ink?

Q2. Having completed the exams, the picnic was undertaken.
(a) the picnic was undertaken
(b) the children went on a picnic
(c) the picnic was an excursion
(d) the children on a picnic go
(e) the children went to a picnic

Q3. Many of the refugees will die before the government sends aid.
(a) the government sends aid
(b) the government will send aid
(c) the government will have sent aid
(d) the government will be sending aid
(e) the government are sending aid

Q4. The train leaves the station five O’clock in the morning.
(a) five O’clock in the morning
(b) by five O’clock at the morning
(c) beyond five O’clock at the morning
(d) at five O’clock in the morning
(e) on five O’clock in the morning

Q5. He has no other hobby but that of collecting stamps.
(a) no other hobby but
(b) no hobby otherwise
(c) no other hobby then
(d) no other hobby unless
(e) no other hobby than

Q6. Neither the teacher not the students admitted their mistake.
(a) admitted their mistake
(b) admitted to his mistake
(c) admitted to one’s mistake
(d) admitted to them mistake
(e) admitted to its mistake

Q7. My father and myself did the entire household work.

(b) My father and I
(c) My father and me
(d) Me and my father
(e) Myself and my father

Q8. Renu was speaking the truth, isn’t it?

(a) isn’t it?
(b) was she?
(c) didn’t she?
(d) wasn’t she?
(e) doesn’t she?

Q9. You will have learnt a lot by the time you leave school.

(a) You will have learnt a lot
(b) You shall learn a lot
(c) You will learn a lot
(d) You will be learning a lot
(e) You would have learnt a lot

Q10. Five years have passed since my friend died.

(a) Five years have passed
(b) Five years passed
(c) Five years had passed
(d) Fiver years was passed
(e) Five years are passing

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