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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

English Language Questions | NIACL Assistant 2017 | 12.04.2017

Mahendra Guru
English Language Questions | NIACL Assistant 2017 | 10.04.2017

Directions (1-10) :Read each sentence to find out whether ere is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (e). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.) 

Q.1. Britain has expressed serious concern on the growing(1)/ tension between India and Pakistan(2)/ in the wake of Uri terror attack(3)/ asking both nuclear powers to ease it off.(4)/No Error(5)

Ans – (1) use ‘over’ instead of ‘on’

Q.2. The domestic formulation drug market(1)/ grows by 15.3 per cent in August (2)/to Rs 9,643 crore over(3)/ the corresponding month in 2015.(4)/No Error(5)

Ans – (2) use ‘grew’ as the task had been done in the past.

Q.3. The CBI's director has been asked to(1)/ supervise farther probe in a case of payment of(2)/ alleged kickbacks by a Russian firm for a Rs 2,066-crore(3)/ NTPC contract by a court which pulled up the agency for not investigating it properly(4)/No Error(5)

Ans – (2) use ‘further’ instead of farther

Q.4. Even as successive governments have agonized over allowing foreign investments in tradition (1)/retail, their online counterparts have piggybacked(2)/ on the recent dramatic increase in access to(3)/ internet through mobile phones among young Indians.(4)/ No Error(5).

Ans- (1) use traditional as adjective requires.

Q.5. Hosts India lost three wickets(1)/ including captain Virat Kohli, but (2)/took its overall lead past the 300-run(3)/ mark by reaching 252 for four(4)/ No Error(5)

Ans – (3) use ‘their’ instead of ‘its’

Q.6. As sourcing, retailing and warehousing costs(1)/ drop due to the Internet platform, this(2)/ could be a bonanza for Indian(3)/ consumers who have been hardly hit by inflation(4)/ No Error(5)

Ans – (4) use ‘hit hard’ instead of hardly hit.

Q.7. The mother of 3 youths who was brutally (1)/killed by henchmen of RJD leader, has moved(2)/ the SC seeking cancellation (3)/of bail granted to him in the case(4)/No Error(5).

Ans – (1) use ‘were’ as subject is plural.

Q.8. The Reserve Bank is looking(1)/ into new premises for its office (2)/and residential complex in Shimla(3)/ near the famous Ridge on Mall Road(4)/ No Error(5)

Ans – (2) use ‘for’ not ‘into’ as look for means ‘search’

Q.9. Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar-backed(1)/ fashion line company Universal Sports biz(2)/ is targeted aggressive growth(3)/ with the launch of its third brand(4)/No Error(5)

Ans – (3) use ‘targeting’ as sentence should be in active voice.

Q.10. At least eight people have killed(1)/and 32 others injured when a bus collided(2)/ with a truck in China's north Inner(3)/ Mongolia autonomous region, officials said today(4)/ No Error(5)

Ans – (1) use ‘have been’ as sentence should be in passive voive.


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